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An intensive skin illuminating treatment. The high concentration of vitamin C has a deep revitalising and antioxidant effect. Stimulates cellular regeneration, efficiently smoothens small wrinkles and makes the skin glow.

An intensive moisturising and firming treatment. Improves skin tightness and density.
Provides skin with amino acids and collagen that stimulate tissue regeneration and make skin firmer.

An intensive regenerating and nourishing treatment. Through the properties of extracts from vegetable stem cells, it regenerates skin from inside the cell. Improves its density and elasticity. Removes small wrinkles.

An intensive anti- ageing treatment developed to stimulate fibroblasts for the synthesis of collagen and hyaluronic acid. Has an intensive antioxidant effect. Skin elasticity is recovered.

In each ritual, the massage lasts 40 minutes.



Moisturising ritual – peeling, body massage
A pleasant sugar peeling based on a light organic oil allows for performing this treatment even on the most delicate skin. Voluptuous aromas of oils from sweet almonds and macadamia wonderfully nurture the body and senses.

Revitalising ritual – peeling, body massage
Good composition of the most valuable cosmetic vegetable oils intensively softens and nourishes skin. A treatment based on an organic oil from sweet almonds, sesame, apricot stones and olive oil perfectly regenerates and replenishes the lipid barrier of the epidermis.

Moisturising ritual – peeling, body massage
A unique and enjoyable form of peeling. Puffy, moisturising foam makes it possible to perform the treatment even on the most delicate skin. Voluptuous aromas and composition of selected oils from sweet almonds, jojoba, and macadamia nurture the body and senses.

Revitalising ritual – peeling, body massage
Good composition of the most valuable cosmetic vegetable oils intensively softens and nourishes skin. A treatment based on an organic oil from sacha inchi seeds, an Amazonian plant originating from Peru. The high omega 3, 6, 9 content perfectly regenerates and replenishes the lipid barrier of the epidermis.

Nourishing ritual – peeling, mask, body massage
A comprehensive body care with intensive antioxidant properties. The pleasant aromas and richness of the ingredients uniquely make the skin firmer and younger after the treatment. A wonderful wellness adventure.

Anti-stress ritual – bath, peeling, "eco" body massage
An exclusive ritual of skin care and blissful relaxation. The treatment stages satiated with especially composed aromatic essences put everybody in a long-term state of relaxation, stress relief and lightness.

Slimming ritual – bath, peeling, "eco" body massage
An exquisite body care representing the combination of ecology with innovative treatment recipes. Selected plant ingredients accelerate adipose tissue burning and eliminate cellulite. Very intensive silhouette shaping.

Relaxing ritual – bath and "eco" foot massage
A unique foot care ceremony. An intensively refreshing bath in natural plant essences and skin rejuvenating sacha inchi oil will restore every skin an unmatched comfort. Silky smooth feet for a long time (four-hand ritual/body bath in Jacuzzi).



The fine-grained ecological plant peeling. Perfectly moisturises and smoothens the epidermis. A wealth of natural ingredients wonderfully nourishes skin.

Peeling with the use of salt and organic bio-oils. The content of microelements stimulates microcirculation, mineralises and exfoliates dead epidermal cells.

Peeling based on sugar and plant bio-oils. The combination of sesame oil, oil from sweet almonds and apricot stones perfectly moisturises and smoothens the skin.



Energie Vitale
Treatment for tired skin. An energy injection based on hemp seed and hazelnut oils, wheat sprouts, cypress, natural vit. E, peppermint, lemon and palm. Prevents wrinkles and rejuvenates skin.

Oligo Vitale
A treatment for prematurely ageing skin. Replenishes minerals and vitamins in the epidermis. Moisturises and nourishes. Perfect for people after an illness or long-term sunlight exposure.

Aqua Phyt's
A treatment for all skin types based on hyaluronic acid from corn and wheat. Macadamia oil, jojoba, aloe and vitamin E intensively moisturise and stimulate the synthesis of collagen fibres.

Multi Vita
A treatment for mature skin based on palm oil, hazelnut oil, sunflower oil, wheat sprout oil. Rejuvenates and firms skin. Effects visible immediately after the treatment.
A nourishing treatment for sensitive, dry skin, and for the skin with the first signs of ageing. The treatment is being performed on the basis of argan oil and shea butter. Ideal for people with increased skin sensitivity.

Face, neck and neckline massage
An excellent combination of aromatic techniques with rhythmic skin pressing eliminates stress and relaxes. The massage is given with the use of aromatic oils with active properties, adjusted to the skin type.

Face, neck and neckline cleansing
A traditional, manual face cleansing based on natural cosmetics. The treatment is intended for skin with a tendency for blackheads, seborrhoea and skin conditions.

Cavitation peeling
A non-invasive method of skin cleansing with the use of ultrasounds. Improves microcirculation, regenerates skin and stimulates cell metabolism. This peeling is recommended for all skin types. The treatment involves the face, neck and neckline.

A safe, mechanical and modern exfoliation method with the use of a diamond head. Consists in slow peeling of subsequent epidermal layers, thus making the face smooth, elastic and bright. The treatment effectively regenerates and rejuvenates the face, neck and neckline skin.

Acid treatment
A natural combination of a new generation of acids. Accelerates the processes of skin regeneration, elasticity and plasticity. It is an exfoliation for all skin types. Provides immediate smoothening, moisturising and illuminating of the face, neck and neckline.



Aromatic Bath
Purifies body and soul. Positively affects health and beauty. The bath temperature comes to 55°C.

A steam room with heated walls, floor and seats. Temperature inside – 42-45°C. Relaxes feet, stimulates blood circulation and has a detoxifying effect on the whole body.

Biosauna with head massage in the Jet SPA capsule
A steam capsule treatment is to relax the muscles, remove toxins and prepare the body for example before massage or some treatment.

Head massage, peeling and body mask in the Jet SPA capsule
The mineral body care in the Jet SPA Capsule based on the organic mud and salt from the Siberian Ostrownoje Lake. The ceremony is to cleanse the body, hydrate, nourish and revitalise skin. Ensures a beautiful body and remarkable relaxation.

Body peeling and back massage in Talaxa SPA
A unique relaxation and body care on a holistic Talaxa SPA bed. Special properties of the device: steam room, chromotherapy and Vichy shower enhanced with mineral salts, combined with manual massage techniques perfectly nourish the body and provide long-term relaxation.

Jacuzzi bath
A bath with hydromassage with salt from the ecologically pure Siberian Ostrownoje Lake. Relaxes, remineralises and improves blood circulation.

Jacuzzi bath in the room for two
A romantic relaxation for two. For the treatment, we recommend the tasting of champagne or wine and seasonal fruits.



Eye setting
Eyebrow adjustment
Eyebrow and eyelash dyeing with adjustment

Ear care

Daily make-up
Evening or occasional make-up

Hands and feet
Classing fingernails or toenails painting
French fingernails or toenails painting
Manicure without nail painting
French or vinylux manicure
Paraffin hand or foot treatment
Pedicure without nail painting
Pedicure with nail painting
French or vinylux pedicure

Whole hands
Whole legs/Chest
Deep bikini/Back
Classic bikini/Thighs/Calves

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