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  • <h4><a href='/en/celebrations/outdoor-wedding' >OUTDOOR WEDDING</a></h4><div class='item-intro'>Feel free to learn about the amazing wedding opportunities offered by Hotel Warszawianka: 

outdoor wedding ceremony on a private beach or a green glade
cakes and other confectionary from our own pastry shop
fabulous firework display
sexecution of individual...</div><div class='item-link'><a class='btn-portal' href='/en/celebrations/outdoor-wedding' >Read more</a></div>
  • <h4><a href='/en/celebrations/exceptional-proposal' >EXCEPTIONAL PROPOSAL</a></h4><div class='item-intro'>How do you propose to your other half without making a fool of yourself or showing undue weakness?How do you do it in an original, unconventional way? 
 We have suggestions that will set you free from such dilemmas. We will organise a traditional proposal, but...</div><div class='item-link'><a class='btn-portal' href='/en/celebrations/exceptional-proposal' >Read more</a></div>
  • <h4><a href='/en/celebrations/first-holy-communion' >FIRST HOLY COMMUNION</a></h4><div class='item-intro'>The First Holy Communion is a great event for a child and their family. We organise White Communion Receptions with great attention to detail. You choose the way of organising this exceptional celebration. We guarantee a special setting for receptions in a...</div><div class='item-link'><a class='btn-portal' href='/en/celebrations/first-holy-communion' >Read more</a></div>
  • <h4><a href='/en/celebrations/baby-shower' >Baby Shower</a></h4><div class='item-intro'>Every reason to celebrate is good. Organise the Baby Shower. Let the mum-to-be have a shower of gifts and relax in a circle of friends. Go crazy during the "mum-to-be" games and competitions. There will be something to recollect. 
 Our offer: 

renting a suite...</div><div class='item-link'><a class='btn-portal' href='/en/celebrations/baby-shower' >Read more</a></div>
  • <h4><a href='/en/celebrations/other-receptions' >OTHER RECEPTIONS</a></h4><div class='item-intro'>It is said that we know how to hold a perfect special event. It does not matter if it is a christening party, birthday party or any other celebration. 
 The support of our coordinators will make you feel like guests at your own party. We will choose a room for...</div><div class='item-link'><a class='btn-portal' href='/en/celebrations/other-receptions' >Read more</a></div>