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SPA for children includes aromatic massages, chocolate massages, as well as conditioning manicure (without nail painting) to teach hand care from an early age. For the young we have prepared massages and special treatments for oily skin. The Equilibre Phyt's treatment aims at detoxification and seborrheic balance. We also offer back massages bringing spinal relief, as well as manicure with conditioners. All treatments are performed based on bio-cosmetics.

BIO treatments for children aged 6-12

  • Aromatic or chocolate massage for a child / Back massage for an attendant: body massage for the child and back massage for the attendant. Relaxation and fun together. The massage is given with a chocolate butter or natural dark chocolate.
  • Conditioning manicure: we teach children hand care from an early age. Wonderful aromas will make them feel extraordinary.


BIO treatments for youth aged 13-18

  • Face, neck and neckline skin cleansing: a treatment for oily and combination skin with acne problems. The treatment perfectly cleanses and removes skin inflammation.
  • Equilibre Phyt's facial treatment: a treatment for oily skin, based on sunflower seed, hazelnut, wheat sprout, palm oils, thyme, cypress, marjoram, cinnamon, peppermint, and white clay. Balances seborrhoea and detoxifies skin.
  • Back massage: perfect relaxation. Relief for tired back muscles and spine.
  • Manicure: well-groomed hands are everybody's showpiece, regardless of its age.


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